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Such a lovely morning- it was so interesting and so beautiful and right from the start Katie is so warm and welcoming and reassuring. She is absolutely the perfect person to be showing people this gorgeous world under the waves:) xx

Juliet , July 2023
What an awe-inducing experience! My partner and I never knew there were so many magical wonders under a bit of the sea we’d driven past so many times. Our favourites were the bioluminescent limpets! Katie was a fantastic instructor and went above and beyond to make us comfortable on our first UK snorkel trip. She is super friendly and clearly extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the sea and marine wildlife. We can’t wait to go again!

Holly, September 2022
An amazing experience for both of us - Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion of the sea and for making us feel safe and comfortable in the water. We saw so much we were not expecting to and we can’t wait to go again. Thanks again and hope to see you soon - happy bubbles!!!!

Sean, August 2022
Lovely and fascinating experience. Katie is a mine of information about sealife and she guided us well throughout . Wonderful.

Tony, August 2022
An experience I will never forget! Katie made me feel calm and confident with the equipment, techniques and the areas we snorkelled in. I learnt so much and feel I can now go out snorkelling alone and find under water treasures. Thanks Katie! Highly recommended

Maria, August 2022
Amazing experience! Opened up a whole new world beneath the surface! Katie is extremely knowledgeable and has hugely increased my confidence, changing my entire approach to snorkeling and turning it into such a rewarding experience. Whether you are experienced or a novice I cannot recommend enough. Thanks again Katie.

Jake, August 2022
The snorkel safari was brilliant a great experience for the whole family. We had no idea there was so much to discover in the water around mount’s bay… so many sea creatures and beautiful colours you felt like you were discovering a secret world. Katie is a fantastic guide she is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic we learnt so much from her. We cannot wait to book again Thanks katie

Jo, August 2022
Wonderful. My boys and I had a brilliant hour snorkelling with Katie. Her knowledge of the area, the conditions and the sea life we would see was superb made the session something none of us will forget. Thank you Katie.

Niall, August 2022
Thank you SO much! We had the most brilliant experience with Katie today! I decided to take my best friend on this snorkelling adventure as her birthday gift and I couldn't have thought of a better way for us to celebrate. Katie is somewhat of a legend to us having followed her for a while on instagram seeing all her incredible sea adventures. We are so happy to say she lived up to our expectations and more! Katie was so kind and encouraging and explained some useful details about snorkels to us as my friend had never snorkelled before and so this was very comforting to be able to have that intro before starting. Katie's energy and enthusiasm was infectious which just revved us up even more - you can tell she's the kind of person who just wants to share the sea's joys with as many people as possible and is a true local, with everyone coming up to her for a chat. When we got in the water we were truly awed by how colourful it was under there and so close to the shore! It's the perfect way to intro someone to snorkelling because the swell wasn't big, we were in very shallow water, the sea was clear and we were near to dry land. With her expertise Katie spotted small cushion starfish and pointed out different types of seaweed as well as sponges and other sea magic. We left the session with the biggest smiles on our faces and even more in awe of Katie and all that she does! Legend!!

Ella, July 2022
Katie is a fabulous underwater guide and instructor. My son is ten and although he's grown up by the sea his confidence in open water isn't great but he really wants to be able to see sea animals, which he loves. Katie quickly put my son at ease and was an excellent teacher, going at his pace and reassuring him all the way until he felt happy he could fin on his own. The undersea environment at Battery Rocks is perfect for beginners as it's shallow but there's lots of marine life and beautiful mix of seaweeds. Katie knows the spot and its inhabitants really well, and her love of the sea is very infectious. Highly recommended as a family/friends day out and especially good for younger ones finding their place in the ocean.

Elspeth, July 2022
Absolutely lovely, magical Snorkel, the seaweed is like swimming through a fantasy world. Katie found us spider crabs, beautiful jellies and lots of wrass. So good to be snorkelling after nearly 4 years of not diving.

Jodie, July 2022
Two snorkels with Katie this weekend, ticked an item off the bucket list. The time in and out of the water with Katie was way more than what snorkelling normally is. To be in British waters, being shown local underwater habitats that are there ready for exploring would never ever have happened for me had I not been so inspired by her story several years ago. Feeling an affinity with Katie's reasons for finding the sea and it's true healing properties made these trips all the more special for me. A wonderful experience, highly recommended, thankyou!

Victoria, July 2022
Had the most amazing experience snorkelling with Katie. She is so knowledgeable on the beautiful plants and animals and her enthusiasm is catching. This is a must do as it was like being in an underwater fantasy garden, the colours of the plants and sea life was spectacular. Thanks Katie you are brilliant.

Angela, June 2022
Thank you so much Katie for taking us snorkelling along the Cornish coastline. We had an absolutely awesome time and can't wait to come back to explore some more!! Thank you for showing us the ropes and for taking us to some incredible locations. Look forward to seeing you again soon :)

Luke, June 2022
Our time in the water with Katie was simply magical! She is the most welcoming and loveliest instructor, who’s completely attentive to your needs. The experience itself was incredible, and even though I’m a complete snorkelling novice I was surprised how quickly it took me to feel at ease and simply enjoy the wonderful underwater world around us! We can’t wait to get back in the water!

Taylor-Sian, June 2022
Thank you Katie for helping us explore the magical sea gardens of Mount’s Bay. The colours! The fish! The way you become so absorbed in the pinky-green gorgeousness it’s impossible to think about anything else. We all felt very safe and now have no fear of what may lurk beneath! It was such a treat to be accompanied by Katie: her enthusiasm, knowledge and sheer delight in the sea are infectious. Highly recommended!

Sally, June 2022
From start to finish, our snorkelling experience was perfect. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive but Katie made me feel comfortable and calm. I went along with my 10 year old daughter and Katie kept an eye on her while I was gaining my confidence! We learnt so much about the sea, snorkelling and the beautiful seaweeds. It was a truly magical experience with a wonderful lady. Thank you! xx

Jo, June 2022
I think you already know this, but... I had a brilliant time!! I wouldn't have even got in if it wasn't for you, and now I can say I'd happily go in without tutoring. It's amazing what an hour (well, a bit more thanks to your generosity!) can do for confidence in the water. Thank you.

Rebecca, June 2022
Am I really snorkelling in UK waters? I've never snorkelled in UK waters, but always wanted to find out what's below the surface on the coasts near to where I live. I was very impressed by what I saw today and would encourage anyone to find out for themselves. We saw Spider crabs, Spiney starfish, lots of different fish and some in huge shoals, against a backdrop of incredible seaweed gardens of vibrant greens, pinks & purples as well as the kelp. Our Snorkel Guru, Katie, was incredibly welcoming, enthusiastic and very inclusive with people of all abilities and ages. I personally felt very safe and well supervised and found the whole session very enjoyable and rewarding. A bit thanks to Katie - it was just the TONIC I was looking for ;-)

Mark, June 2022
Katie provided a warm welcome and clear explanation of what the introductory session would entail and what a safe environment it was for a ‘taster session’. The experience was magical, seeing the many different types and colours of kelp, spider crabs, starfish, sand eels and various other fish. A truly memorable experience.

Roger, June 2022
Amazing experience - a new world under the water. If you aren’t sure - give it a go - can’t wait to return - thank you Katie x

Sarah, May 2022
Thank you so much for a wonderful family experience that we will treasure. Katie is so friendly, kind and inclusive as well as passionate and knowledgeable. We had a brilliant morning. Thanks so much, it was perfect! x

Vicky, May 2022
Our first time snorkelling and what an amazing experience it was, we both enjoyed it so much. Katie who runs the snorkelling experience is lovely and you can learn so much from her. Would recommend booking a snorkelling experience with Katie.

Emily, May 2022
Many thanks again for such a wonderful introduction to the joys of snorkelling. Both Ian and I were so impressed not only by your professionalism and the detailed information you gave us about safety etc but also the sheer beauty of what we saw so close to the beach - together with the exciting encounter with a spider crab! We have continued chatting today about the variety of shapes, sizes and colours of the seaweed. You introduced us to a magical world we only thought possible in the Tropics! A big, big thank you Katie.

Lydia, May 2022

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