About Me

I am an all year-round open water swimmer, swimming at dawn each morning before my day begins as a Mother, Departmental College deputy and Health Sciences lecturer. 

After my own personal experience of breakdown and anxiety through chronic burnout, I found wild open water swimming to be just the tonic that I needed to help me to return to improved physical and mental health.

My inspirational journey has been documented by Film Maker Jonathan. J. Scott in a short film ‘Tonic of the Sea’   - the film has since been shortlisted by a number of 2018 National and International film festivals and picked up several awards, including being nominated for the BAFTA 2018 short film awards.

 The film has been shared around the world and all in my bid to help to support others who maybe suffering from similar mental health related issues. 

Throughout my journey and upon the recent success of my short film I have written my first self-help book – ‘Tonic of the Sea’, an honest and inspirational story of my own personal journey through a sudden and unexpected struggle with my own mental health. I also share my tried and tested ways to recover from burnout, breakdown, stress and anxiety through the therapeutic benefits of wild swimming and the ocean. 

I currently write for UK magazines on the topic of mental health and open water swimming and I work with EU funded projects such as 'My Blue Health' to better support the natural cures found in nature. 

I facilitate wild swims in the sea, estuaries and rivers and promote 'Blue Health' through panel discussions and motivational talks at a variety of health and wellbeing festivals. I also run health and wellbeing workshops for businesses aiming to better support their staff with work related stress and anxiety.

I strongly believe that by taking real time each day for yourself, particularly in the morning before your day begins, you can increase your own levels of creativity, motivation, productivity and personal and professional success. I am an advocate of finding your own joy to better support our relationships, our overall physical and mental wellbeing and our ability to feel content, confident and secure within ourselves and our surroundings. 

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