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Tonic of the Sea

The idea for my book came about upon my recovery from stress induced burnout. I felt passionate to share my story with others as my experience of mental health and of how I had got there was so relatable to others. As working adults of today alongside often being parents we are all to familiar with juggling the many responsibilities that come with our everyday lives. 

After taking on a promotion at work and with an array of differing responsibilities and roles I started to become unwell.  Whilst working full time and caring for my father alongside my children I gradually started to become extremely fatigued and began to fall out of balance. 

Not recognising the signs that I was running on empty I powered on at work, but with more and more personal commitments mounting up around me - one day the crippling exhaustion simply stopped me in my tracks until I could no longer function in my normal day-to-day life. 

From being a vibrant, capable, energetic, hardworking woman I gradually became an anxious, incapable, afraid and physically and mentally defeated version of me . I was signed off from my role in a career that I loved, I could no longer drive through anxiety or organise something as simple as my son's packed lunch. For a long and lonely year I was lost and no matter what I did I just couldn't find my way back.

 That was all until one beautiful dawn when I had reached a point of feeling that I would be permanently trapped here, inside this dark and empty mind that I took my usual weary journey along the local promenade. Haunted by my crippling insomnia and an anxious mind I would walk by the sea at sunrise - somewhere that never failed to comfort me. It was on this morning that I happened to met a group of sunrise swimmers and little did I know that it was about to change my life forever. 

Through these incredible and inspirational people I found Wild Swimming and it was through swimming that I re-discovered a will to live - my darkness slowly started to turn to light. I was no longer drowning or afraid, I was floating and I was finally able to be free.

Tonic of the Sea  highlights my own personal journey, my tried and tested ways to recover and practical tips to stay well in the future.


Examples of chapters include: 

> The Perfect Storm - Recognising the Signs

> Floating - The Art of Letting Go

> Woolly Socks - The Value of Gratitude

> Turning of the Tide - Time to Heal

> Sea salt - The Power of Reminiscence

>Below the Surface - Authentically You 


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