Pednevounder is a small tidal beach located next to Treen close to Porthcurno. As a legendary nudist beach it boasts white sands made of crushed cornish shells and crystal clear turquoise water. Treen's family run campsite 'Treen Farm Campsite' on the cliffs overlooking the beach has been a regular camping spot for us as a family for years and so our trips to the beaches and to Logan Rock for fishing in the summer months have been plentiful. 

Pednevounder is an extremely unspoilt and almost tropical looking stretch of coastline. It is surrounded by rolling fields awash with Cornish heather and gorse, breath-taking views of incredible rock formations and friendly local moor ponies to admire along the way!

At this time of year in February and March and on a low spring tide you can walk from Porthcurno to Pednevounder beach but you do risk getting cut off by the tide if you fail to make the journey quickly. 

Pednevounder is also a nudist beach - voted the fourth favourite nudist beach in the UK but if this isn't your type of thing there are always just as many people bathing there in full swimwear too! The beach also has incredible caves with beautiful rainbow striped colours within the rocks - usually caused by mineral deposits such as tin, copper, zinc or lead deposited over long periods of time.

You can get to Pednevounder by following the signs to Treen Campsite and Logan Rock Pub (our favourite family campsite in the summer). Follow the B3315 from Penzance to Treen village, drive past the pub on your right and you will reach a small carpark at the top of the hill. You can then walk in a southerly direction across beautiful rolling fields with wide open views of the ocean, eventually making your way down to the coast path and onto the beaches. 

The clamber down to Pednevounder is very steep at parts with sheer drops to the rocks below. Last summer the beach was overrun with families carrying beach bags, small children and dogs - In my opinion this beach is not suitable to climb down to if you don't have the use of both your hands!

When you have reached the beach there are a few small waterfalls where water washes down from the fields, over the cliffs and onto the sand. Pednevounder also has absolutely incredible rock formations as does Porthcurno - Porthcurno in Cornish means 'cove of horns' and you can see why when looking at the colossal cliffs - you really could feel like you were in New Zealand rather than Cornwall on a bright spring day!

Pednevounder is an incredibly beautiful beach and definitely best visited out of season. You really need the beach to be deserted to get the best out of it. It is a place of real peace and tranquillity and not a recommended tourist beach. The moor ponies and wildlife here do well by limited visitors and so to get the best from this beach I definitely recommend only visiting in the winter or spring on a bright sunny day.

Happy Clambering! :)