Red Warnings about Outdoor Swimming You Really Need to Know 

When I tell people that I swim in the sea every day at dawn I am usually met with the same suspicious look of worry, bewilderment, confusion and concern. “Isn’t it dangerous?” they say, “swimming out there at that time in the dark?”, “Isn’t it freezing cold in the winter? “Won’t you get hypothermia?” “Couldn’t you drown?”

I noticed that most of the warnings were all too often coming from a place of fear and anxiety of the unknown. Like so many things in life it was a lack of experience of being in open water that was engaging their ‘it must be dangerous’ response.

Of course, we all know there are safety warnings when it comes to outdoor swimming, but as research develops we are beginning to learn more about not just the benefits to our physical and mental health, but the incredible effect that regular outdoor swimming can have on the quality and direction of our entire lives.

With that in mind I knew I needed more than just the basics to encourage the ‘doubters’ to get in. I needed to let them know that the rewards could be so much greater than just ‘wonderfully tingly skin’. I wanted to share the potentially life changing stuff, the bits that only regular outdoor swimmers know about – ‘Red Warnings about Outdoor Swimming YOU really need to know’.

Red Warning number 1 – You will start to win at life.

Rarely will anyone warn you that immersing yourself in a wild body of water, as often as you possibly can, will mean that you will begin to feel like an absolute warrior in your own life. Outdoor swimming does more than make you feel alive it has the capacity to transform your entire existence.

You will develop a sense of self belief so strong that you find yourself with all the courage and motivation it takes to win at the game of your own life.  You will own it, you will be fearless in it and you will feel so brave and grounded that very little will shake, faze or unnerve you.

If you can start the day by jumping into cold water, then every other problem will feel mediocre in its challenge. It won’t just boost your immune system it will encourage and inspire you to become the creator of your own personal and professional success.

Outdoor swimming isn’t just a tonic for the mind it can result in you living a genuinely happier, more successful, calm and focussed life.

Red Warning number 2 – It will enrich your social support and improve your health.

Another under discussed warning is that you risk making such incredibly powerful, connected, real and rewarding relationships that you will never know how you got by in life without your new-found swimming friends.

The friendships you will make within the outdoor swimming community will be some of the most genuinely beneficial, sincere, inspiring and enriching relationships that you will ever be fortunate enough to encounter. When you spend time with people that have a mutual love for the water you will be blessed with life altering connections that are based on nothing other than  genuine feelings of love, support, acceptance and gratitude.

Close friendships that are based on experiencing joy and adventure together cause us to live much healthier and happier lives. Outdoor swimming communities provide us with long-term positive influences that create a strong resolve against unhealthy life style choices. The powerful connection with others that comes from a mutual love for blue spaces helps to keep us active and gives us the space and freedom to talk through our problems more often, reducing our risk of stress, anxiety and depression.  

A wild swimming friend is not just one for the water, they will almost certainly be a friend for life.

Red Warning number 3 – You will feel more resilient against uncertainty and change. 

A warning that you will rarely hear is the eternally asked question of ‘what if I need not be afraid?’ Many of us spend our lives feeling vulnerable against unpredictable life events but by having a regular connection with a wild expanse of water you can better support your levels of resilience and your ability to cope with unplanned or unexpected events.

We cannot prevent change from happening, but we can better prepare against its effects on our health by feeling more resilient and adaptable when it comes to facing the unknown.

Regular outdoor swimming gives people a feeling of inner strength, one of bravery,  courage and quiet a acceptance that just as it is in nature, things in life have to change. It provides us with a strong sense of purpose and a more positive belief in our physical and mental abilities resulting in increased strength, resilience, optimism and flexibility when it comes to experiencing unplanned or unexpected events. 

Outdoor Swimming can help you to recognise that if you have coped with hard times in the past you can do so again with courage in the future.